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Motivational Project

Purpose. Passion. Perseverance.

The Motivational Project is a platform aimed at building a community of ambitious individuals who are constantly striving to find inspiration and motivation to conquer their dreams. Through a mix of profiles, blog, and forum posts, it consists of discovering people’s visions, aspirations, and motivations, as well as continuously learning about tactical tools, steps, and mindsets that are essential to achieve our biggest goals. 

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By Beth Gonzales August 21, 2020
Pepperdine University Graphic Media

"The birth of an online platform, the Motivational Project, founded by senior Julia Strouk is helping the Pepperdine family chase after their dreams, while also encouraging others within the community. The project provides practical tools, plans and guides on healthy mindsets through shared inspiration and how to believe in the power of self, which motivates the reader to work harder and strive higher than ever before."

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J U L I A   S T R O U K

Founder of Motivational Project

As a soon-to-be college graduate from Pepperdine University, I am currently on a journey of self-discovery and continuous improvements to achieve my life goals. I was born and raised in Paris, France, and decided to travel across the globe to pursue my college education and my dreams in Los Angeles, California. I found a passion for inspiring and motivating people to see beyond their limits and pursue their biggest dreams, and therefore decided to create the Motivational Project, a platform built around three driving forces - Purpose, Passion, Perseverance - for ambitious individuals who are constantly striving to find inspiration and learn tactical tools to achieve their goals. Through the blog posts I write and the profiles I highlight, my purpose is to share with you the mindset and steps that others and I believe are essential to achieve the great results we want. If we can do it, you can do it too.
Let’s embark on this journey toward success together!

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"Let’s motivate and inspire each other to pursue our biggest dreams!" - Julia Strouk

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"Success to me is the creation of value for society... My goals follow my definition of success by creating value in the lives of others and making a better world through the sectors of law and technology for future generations."


"My biggest motivation is my vision for what my life could be. I am motivated by the stories of other women who are self made and started from the bottom. It helps me believe that I can achieve that kind of success too."


"When opportunities are not given to you, you gotta find them. I love knowing that there are so many opportunities out there even if I do not see them yet. I strive each day to improve different areas in my life and I know that if I keep doing that I will see the opportunities that I need to reach my goals."

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See, feel, and believe in what you want!

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