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By Mikiah Azarcon

GO-GETTER Co. is a lifestyle brand based in Beverly Hills, CA. USA. We are inspired by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those who are on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves - the go-getters. Designing with our inspirations lifestyle in mind, our mission is to fuse style and function in everything we create.

Our main product is the GO Wallet - a trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card EVER and a stunning modern design.

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Founder & CEO of GO-GETTER Co.

1. Introduce yourself:

My name is Mikiah Azarcon. I'm 22 and grew up in a small city east of LA called Walnut, California. I attended Pepperdine University and received a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. I am now the founder and CEO of GO-GETTER Co. - an e-commerce wallet brand based in Beverly Hills, California. I aspire to be a serial entrepreneur, a career that allows me to live life on my own terms and, most importantly, have fun while doing so.

2. What is GO-GETTER Co.?

GO-GETTER Co. is a lifestyle brand based in Beverly Hills, CA. USA. We are inspired by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those who are on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves - the go-getters. Designing with our inspirations lifestyle in mind, our mission is to fuse style and function in everything we create.

Our main product is the GO Wallet - a trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card EVER and a stunning modern design.

I started GO-GETTER Co. in 2018 just coming back from studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Before my trip, I made the switch from a traditional bi-fold wallet and bought a cardholder wallet. I eventually found it to be one of the most convenient things ever as I was constantly on the move, whether it was from the classroom, traveling, or hanging out in the city. I thought up the idea to innovate the design and make it better than anything I've seen on the market. 

Fast forward 2 years later, after relentlessly working 4 jobs while being a full-time student and multiple side hustles to build up capital money for prototypes, I was finally able to launch GO-GETTER Co. this July 2020. 

Just within our first 3 months of launch we were able to generate over $100k in sales, sell the GO Wallet in +50 different countries, and get featured on major publications like Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Influencive, Medium, Yanko Design and many more.

In the next 1 to 5 years, I envision GO-GETTER Co. becoming a multi-million dollar global brand where thousands of people are carrying our wallets and living out our company values. I envision collaborating with many highly influential people and continuing to create content that inspires people to “Create Your Reality" - the brand’s tagline.

3. How do you define success?

I define success simply as being happy and making those around me happy as well. If you are happy, you are winning life. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money, clout, or degrees you have. If you love and are happy with what you're doing, you'll be successful.

4. What are your ultimate goals/dreams and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In hypothetical terms, my ultimate goal is obtaining what I call the "5 freedoms”. Time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom, social freedom, and health freedom. I want to be able to do whatever I want, when I want, with whom I want, in the best physical and mental shape possible and not ever have to worry about the price tag - and starting my own business which I can eventually automate and hire people to take over is simply one of my ways that I plan to get there.

In 5 years I see myself scaling GO-GETTER Co. to a multi-million dollar company, starting multiple other e-commerce companies, and investing into real estate.

5. What motivates you?

A lot of things keep me driven and motivated, however, I think the biggest thing is I love the process + seeing things evolve from nothing to something. Whether it’s me developing as a person, creating a video from start to finish, or working on my business that I can watch grow in the years to come. I think that’s what separates me from a lot of people, because mostly everyone is looking forward to just the results. Yeah I love seeing the results, but the real fulfillment to me is the process because that’s where you shape into the person who’s worthy to achieve what you want to achieve. I love the thought of doing things today that others won’t so tomorrow I can do things/live like others can’t. I also think it’s honestly just in my DNA. I feel like only so many people are just born with that winning, relentless mindset and the feeling to just want the best in life.

Also, going back to my previous question, another thing that drives me is attaining that 5 levels of freedom.

I think there is SO much to experience in life and I’m driven by the fact that it’s actually attainable through hard work. Not many people can experience the best that they may possibly want in life because they may lack one of those 5 freedoms.

For an example, I want to travel the world, live in a different country for a couple years, start a Youtube channel, take my friends/family to amazing places, create more fun videos, give back/fund those I believe in and so much more, however, I believe all that will only really be possible if you automate your income and free up your time - something I believe you can only really achieve through entrepreneurship.

People are quick to say “Oh all he cares about is money”. Nope. It’s not a million dollars in my bank account that drives me, it’s mostly the life you can live, the people you can give back to, the individuals you can inspire, the life you can explore, and the things you can experience with it that does... and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

6. What is something that you do (a habit or daily practice) that you believe helps you achieve your goals or be productive?

There are many positive habits I've worked hard to build and I strongly believe it's helped me achieve so many goals/conquer so many tasks in life. The following habits/daily practices I execute every single day include: 

1. Striving to get 8 hours of sleep every night and waking up at 5 AM to get the day going early. Sleep is important and I think it's directly correlated with how productive/creative you can be during the day. People think it's better to hustle, hustle, hustle 24/7 to achieve your goal, and while that may be half-true AND must be done at times, it can be counter-productive - making you feel tired, sluggish, and not optimal. Remember, it's not how much you sleep, but how you spend your time when you are awake. 

2. Cold showers in the morning are an absolute must to wake me up and make me alert 

3. Working out for at least an hour every single day 

4. Journaling in the morning and night. When I journal in the morning I write 3 things I am grateful for just so I can start my day on the right note and remember to always be grateful even if times are tough. At night I like to plan out my day ahead so tomorrow I know EXACTLY what I need to do and when I need to do it. This allows me to be as productive as I can with my time and ensures I have set tasks for the day that will get me closer to that big goal. I also do a little reflection exercise at night where I evaluate my performance and critique how I can improve. 

5. Executing the Pomodoro method. When I work, I lock my door, put my phone away, throw on headphones, and then begin a timer to execute the method. I work in 90-minute intervals and then take a 20-minute break. I call these sessions “Deep Work Sessions”. I do this until I am done with my work and accomplished what I wanted to be done for the day. I also always make sure to execute the most important tasks first 

6. Executing Pareto's principle. I like to focus on the 20% of things that will produce 80% of the results. I think a lot of people can be way more productive if they focus on the actual things that more the needle forward. Remember, being busy is not being productive. 

7. Intermittent fasting. I like to practice intermittent fasting every single day as there are so many health benefits to it plus it works amazing with a busy schedule. 

These are just a few habits I like to implement and they are executed with the sole purpose of keeping my mind, body, and soul in the most optimal shape - allowing me to work towards my goals day after day in the best shape possible.


7. Who is your inspiration and why?

I've always been inspired by huge brands that are able to create such amazing cultures and communities within their organization like Gym Shark, MVMT Watches, iKonick, Cuts Clothing, and Supreme. These brands all stand for something and hold true values that they live out every single day and amplify through their content - and this is something I wanted to emulate with GO-GETTER Co. I wanted to start a brand where I create amazing content for, have values to live up to, and also inspire a culture/community of individuals to rep our brand while they "create their own reality" - the GO-GETTER Co. tagline.

8.  Life motto or favorite quote?

"A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd”. This quote resonates with me on another level because there have been so many moments in my life where I’ve felt like people don’t understand me or why I work so hard. However, I’ve come to the realization to accept that not everyone will understand you - and this is totally okay. Don’t expect others to understand you when God didn’t give them your ambitious vision. Remember, nothing great has ever been achieved by being/doing the same thing as everyone else. Challenge the status quo and dare to be an original.


If there is any advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s the following:

  1. There will never be a “perfect time” to start. Just do what you’ve always wanted to do and make corrections a long the way. A lot of people tend to keep the fear of failure as their reason of not even starting in the first place. The key is to just start, accept failure will happen, and be proactive in finding solutions when problems occur.

  2. You can’t achieve what you want until you develop into someone who can. Instead of asking yourself “what do I need to do to achieve what I want?” ask yourself “who do I need to become?” When you focus on becoming someone who is capable of achieving what you want to achieve, you will start to build habits that will form your character. And in return, this will allow you to become someone who is worthy of achieving what you want to achieve and you will no doubt reach your desired destination.

  3. On a daily basis, make sure you are only doing things that are absolutely important and getting you closer to that bigger goal. People easily get distracted and tend to work on tasks that don’t push the needle forward. Remember, being busy is not being productive, so make sure you are focusing on the 20% of things that will produce 80% of the results. Combine this tactic with setting deadlines and I promise you your productivity will sky rocket. (Pareto’s principle + Parkinson’s law)

  4. Build a good habit of being proactive. Problems are inevitable, but those who constantly find solutions and answers without complaining are those who win.

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