"It has always been a dream of mine to work on Wall Street. I want to pursue a career in wealth management or investment banking. But, I also undoubtedly want to start something on my own!"

Sunny Sriramoju

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Sunny Sriramoju


Introduce yourself: 

My name is Sanskriti, I go by Sunny! 21 years old, a rising senior. I am from Hyderabad, India. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad but I moved to Malibu to study at Pepperdine when I was 18. I was a spring admit. I am an Economics major.

 Being an international student, especially during these times is definitely challenging and filled with uncertainty. The realization about the underrepresentation of minorities at Wall Street was personally discouraging to me. But I sincerely hope that changes and that I will be able to get a full-time position at Wall Street after graduation to start off with.

How do you define success? 

There is always going to be someone who is taller, stronger or richer than you, there is always going to be someone who is better at what you do than you. In that regard, I think I will always feel like I am not good enough and that there is always more that I can do. So, to me, success is simply being able to have a great story to tell in the end. A story filled with adventures, risks, hard work, and giving the best possible shots.

What are your goals/dreams and where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

It has always been a dream of mine to work on Wall Street. I want to pursue a career in wealth management or investment banking. But, I also undoubtedly want to start something on my own! 

One of my dreams is to travel as much as I can. In 5 years, I hope to see a lot more of the world than I have now. I have a list of countries I want to see and hopefully, 5 years later I check most of them. 

What motivates you?

This is a question that I struggled to answer for a long time. But, I think I feel obligated to make the best out of my life. The fear of missing out and that the time we have is limited to explore this huge world with infinite opportunities pushes me to make the best out of it. But, this perception fails you in some instances especially if you get sidetracked by bigger ideas and don’t focus on smaller tasks like homework lol. 

What is something that you do (a habit or daily practice) that you believe helps you achieve your goals or be productive?  

So far, I try to keep a big picture in mind. If what I am about to do doesn’t align with my priorities, I don’t do it.

Who is your inspiration and why? 

Casey Neistat, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Carla Harris, Bruce Lee the list goes on. I would particularly put the spotlight on Casey Neistat because I’ve been following his journey on YouTube ever since I was a freshman in high school. He inspired my definition of success and in my opinion, he made the best out of his time and resources. I am amazed and in awe of Elon Musk and Steve jobs’ pure genius. They are hands down two of the most interesting people our world will see. Their passion for innovation is truly mind-blowing and I hope to find something I am that passionate about. Bruce Lee and Carla Harris inspire me to be disciplined and to believe in myself.

Life motto or favorite quote?

“Make it count.” by Casey Neistat. It also happens to be my favorite video of his on YouTube. 

Anything else you want to share? Perhaps a project you’re currently working on or something valuable that you learned from the experience? 

I have been working with Morgan Stanley as a summer wealth management analyst this summer. It has been a dream come true. The one thing I learned from this internship is to not be afraid to speak out. I learned to be confident and comfortable in my own skin. I now realize that you will not get what you want if you don’t ask. No one has the time to notice you and identify your potential. You have to go forward, take calculated risks, and speak up.


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